To guarantee the viability and sustainability of the Jefferson School City Center as an educational and cultural hub, the Jefferson School Foundation must raise 7.5 million dollars–one-third of the overall cost of renovation the cost of sustaining the African American Heritage Center. Achieveing this goal means that resident partner's rent remains below market rate; the African American Heritage Center's permanent exhibition Pride Overcomes Prejudice is completed; and the seeds of an endowment to safeguard the Heritage Center's existence are planted. Ultimately, the success of the Jefferson School Foundation's capital campaign ensures that Charlottesville embraces a significant historic building with resident partners whose collective effors result in a community of invested stakeholders with a profound sense of place.

Jefferson School Foundation

Martin V. Burks III, Chair, Principal JF Bell Funeral Home
Elizabeth Breeden, Art in Place
Deborah Bell Burks, Principal JF Bell Funeral Home
Andrea Douglas, ex-officio
Frank Friedman, President, Piedmont Virginia Community College
Maurice Jones, City Manager, Charlottesville
Marcus Martin, VP & CO for Diversity & Equity, University of Virginia
Ridge Schuyler, VP Charlottesville Works Initiative
Julian Taliaferro, Secretary/Treasurer
Honorable David Toscano, House of Delegates 57th District
Vinegar Hill Cafe

An event at Jefferson School City Center outside of the Vinegar Hill Cafe